IDiots – only 30 years late

It appears that Denise O’Leary and the IDiots at the Disco institute have finally discovered Fred Hoyle (an astronomer, not a biologist) and panspermia…thirty years after Evolution from Space was published.

This is fast for the Disco ‘tute.

What does Denise say…

Hoyle was ignored because most people preferred to believe in the Shazzam! origin of life in a warm little test tube somewhere. Most people believe in miracles.
No Denise…that’s not why he was ignored.  The problem with his idea is that it merely pushed the origin of life somewhere else.  It didn’t really add anything because it pushed the origin of life out into space. 
And if this theory was accepted , Denise and the IDiots would still disparage it because it would still require a “Shazzam! origin of life in a warm little test tube somewhere.” 
I suppose it would help at this point that Hoyle’s co-author really disliked creationism (to which I include ID).  Chandra Wickramasinghe was a witness on the creationist side.  However, this didn’t stop him from stating that a person would have to be crazy to believe the universe was only around 10,000 years old, and that creationism was claptrap.
Why do O’Leary and the Disco ‘tute claim that these people claim that “In other words, they require intelligent design”?  Well, not to put a too fine a point on it, their grasping at straws.  Panspermia still would require abiogenesis, but it does not require a so-called “Intelligent designer”.  Panspermia, especially Hoylian Panspermia, is based on his flawed understanding of the probabilities involved.  See here for a brief explanation.
Of course this is all a one way street.  Denise’s cohort, Dave Scot, has a problem when people ask who designed the “Intelligent Designer”.  He claims these questions are “trite, easily addressed, and if you read the moderation rules you’ll find that comments using this and other trite arguments are deleted“.  If these questions are easily answered, where are the answers, beyond the ID dodge of “they’re trite”?  It would appear that Scotty and the IDiots know that they cannot answer this, so they prefer to hide their heads in the sand.

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