Happenings on a Greyhound

Today’s events on a Eastbound Greyhound here in Manitoba are horrific.  I really don’t need to say much more that that about them.

What I do find interesting are the reactions.  While reading the Cnn web site I clicked on the link blogs mentioning the story and came across on labelled “Barking moonbat early warning system”. 

This blog was mostly cuts-and-pastes from the wires describing the attack.  Not much there.  But then, at the end, he has a short paragraph ending with “you know what my question is, and you have already reached the same conclusion I have.  Let’s see if we’re wrong for once.

Well, what’s his question?  From what I see, I’ll make a few inferences.  Just the name of the blog tells me this is a wingnut…one of those who bray loudly about how Liberals are ruining Western Civilization, but are strangly quiet when a Conservative shoots up a church.

As well, On of his commenter states “It would really surprise me if the suspect were not a Muslim. ”  It seems to me that this happened before…In Oklahoma city.  When the Murrah Building was destroyed the presumed suspect was supposedly middle eastern.  It seems Wingnuts are happy to heap blame on whoever they are afraid of.

So, I imagine the question this nutter asked was “is this was a mooslim performing a jihadi attack on some innocent westerner?” 

More rational people people will mourn the loss of an innocent life and wonder how we can avoid it in the future..without resorting to wingnutter paranoia.


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