Westboro cultists bullies are dealt with

The Westboro Baptist Church cultists showed their true colours and their true faces today.

Yellow Cowards.

These oh so brave cultists threatened to picket Tim McLean’s funeral on Saturday. This young man was the victim of a brual and senseless murder last week. These cultists

wanted to let the world know their believe their petty deity let this happens because it is mad at Canada because of our “filthy ways”.

One contingent was stopped at the border. Another got through.

But when a counter protest was planned, these “brave” people never showed up. Ms. Phelps-Roper claimed that (From Winnipeg Freee press http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/story/4210468p-4802837c.html)


“A couple hundred people, are you kidding me? That’s child play, usually we see 1,000 people out there,” she said. “God can do things that you wouldn’t imagine, the last thing I am worried about are some brutes Canada. We will know what to do when the hour comes.”

250 people turned up outside the funeral to counter-protest these cultists. Apparently their deity had better things to do on Saturday.

Also, her claim that “it appears there is no religious freedom in Canada.” is BS. We have plenty Freedom of religion here. But the citizens of Winnipeg decided that a families’ right to mourn their son was more important that a cult’s self-rightousness. The WBC’s right to picket does not mean they can picket unopposed, as seems to be Ms. Phelps-Ropers mis-apprehension.


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