Why is another provinces’ MP mailing me

In mid July I recieved a Frank mailing from Brian Fitzpatrick.  And this past week I recieved one from David Anderson

Which is strange because my MP is Rod Bruinooge

I wondered, why are these Saskatchewan MP’s sending me frank mailings…mailing that look quite a bit like election propaganda.

Turns out I’m not alone.  Other Canadian’s are recieving these. 

I wondered why MP’s other than my own were sending out these mailings.  These mailings seem to be geared to push fear buttons, especially on crime and drugs.  No actual information is given, just an attempt to push buttons.

This is somethign that offends me.  These MP’s do not represent me.  Why are they sending me mail?  Why are they wasting Canadian taxpayer money to push a partisan position?

It seems that Stephen Harper is taking a page from the Republican play book…push fear of crime despite the fact that crime in Canada has been decreasing…which is ironic considering their in-and-out scheme.


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