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The sound of climate change denialists spinning

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via small dead animals: The Sound Of Settled Science

It would seem that Kate Macmillan and the denizens of the aforementioned blog are all in a tizzy.  It seems that they have found yet another photo of a badly placed “official” station and that this is just more proof that the lefties want to destroy capitalism as we know it.

She links to this site

and repeats the claim that this is an Official NOAA climate station.

But something is missing…proof that this is the OFFICIAL NOAA Climate station, and not a volunteer weather station as indicated on page 13 of this document…

But this is not the first time Kate et. al. have done this.  One of her favorite activities is tracking down badly placed weather stations (they are out there) and posting about them.  The implication is that since there are some badly placed station, all weather information gathered anywhere cannot be trusted, therefore Global warming is not happening.

This allows them to ignore ice shelves breaking off, the Arctic being almost ice free for the first time in historic times, and in particular the rise in the global temperature average.


Desperation of the wingnuts

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What is it with conservatives?  Are they so desperate to maintain the illusion they are relevent that they will break the 9th commandment willy-nilly? Plastics ingredient linked to smaller penises

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via Plastics ingredient linked to smaller penises.

I seem to remember that one of the arguments against floridation was that it caused impotence.  The hury is still out on that.

I wonder if Conservatives chew plastic?

What is it with cults and religions?

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In my opinion normal people are flexible, especially when raising kids.

Especially when they are young and still learning the ways of the world.  If a child doesn’t act the way the parents expect, they are shown or told what is wrong.

Then there are the cultists who denied a 1 year old child water and food because he didn’t say “Amen” after a meal.

The child died after two days.  Then these people kept the body in a back room for over a week waiting for the child to be resurected.  When this didn’t happen the body was stuffed into a suitcase.  When the group relocated to New York City the suitcase was left behind in Philadelphia.

When things like this happen I wonder just what is going through these people’s brains?  These people believe that placating their idea of a sky ghost to be more important than a childs life. 

How many groups like these are there out there?