Conservative war fantasies

Please torture our enemies more – Canadian Conservatives.

At this link a CONservative nutbar, one Craig Smith, lets loose with what appears to be the conservative outlook on war enemies…

“I implore our government to begin torturing our enemy captives. “

Interesting start.  From there it devolves into a short list of fantasy tortures like knee-capping, denailing and rats (I’m assuming he’s offering himself for that last torture).

Endig with…

Liberals will argue that torture techniques do not result in usable data. I don’t care. Torture as a matter of principle.”

Torture as a matter of principle?  He doesn’t care that no useful data is recovered.  He just wants pain inflicted.  Regardless of the fact that the same would probably be done to OUR TROOPS once we start going down this path.  And despite the fact that torture is illegal under international law.

In other words, a Law and Order CON wants to blatently break the law.  Why am I not surprised.

And what happens when Mr. Torture decides that this should be done to Canadian prisoners?

The more frightening thing is that one of his fellow CONs thinks this is just hoopy.  One Bob Devine opines:

I think you have hit on a real plan here. This could work better than take no prisoners. Catch them and torture them. Don`t even ask them any questions You wouldn`t be able to trust the answers anyway. I think this could turn into a fine deterrent for our side. “

This is why CONs should never be let out of the kindergarten…

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