The trouble with Creationists

Creationists tend to be lazy. 

A couple of examples are one Terry Trainor and one John Davison.

John Davison has a beef with PZ Myers.  So much that he questions Myers’ publishing history.  Terry Trainor piles on, for no better reason than that Davison is Trainor’s pet anti-evolutionist “scientist”.

No where does it occur to them to go to Google Scholar, Type in “PZ Myers” and see what he has published.  Seemed like a first place to start.  Not to them.  They’d prefer to wallow in the fantasy that one of their main “opponents” (opponents in quotes because PZ Myers really couldn’t care less about these putzs).

I finally got tired and told them how to use google Scholar.  Unfortunately, because of Trainor’s history, I fully expect the post to be deleted, as it contradicts what he wants to push.  I took a screen shot of the post, for posterity 

I will probably be kicked out of Terry Trainor’s pet group as well.  At this point, it doesn’t matter.  They’re just more proof that reality and creationists are incompatible.


One Response to “The trouble with Creationists”

  1. John A. Davison Says:

    Since you refuse to identify yourself, please don’t expect me to honor you with a reply to your mindless drivel. I am always happy to engage a named opponent. The ones whose Identity I know refuse to deal with me and my sources because they are terrified of us. That includes Paul Zachary Myers, Clinton Richard Dawkins and Wesley Royce Elsberry, Darwinian zealots all. You don’t matter at all because you are a coward who can’t even sign his words with his given name.

    Got that! Write that down.

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