The trouble with creationists – part 2

Well, I wasn’t kicked…yet.  But, as expected, Terry Trainor ignored the info on how to find what he wanted.  Indeed, he used a spelling flame, complaints of “civility”, and complaints of “anonymity” to avoid it.


Creationists…lead them to information…just can’t make them understand.


3 Responses to “The trouble with creationists – part 2”

  1. No, in your current incarnation as “Solenadon” you have not yet been kicked out of the discussion group. You were kicked out in a previous identity, though, for repeated personal attacks. Such school-yard tactics are not allowed in Talk About Origins, which is one of the RARE few origins discussion groups that maintains civility. Even though I recognized your ISP from your previous identity, I let you back in because I believe in being exctremely fair to all points of view.
    I explained this to you, you pretended not to know what I was talking about regarding a previous identity and challenged me to “prove it”.
    When I posted your ISP number and enough information to show you that I had identified you, you ran for cover and have not returned to the group since.
    You could have at LEAST admitted the truth in the matter before you left.
    Strange, isn’t it, that the ones you always claim are so dead wrong are standing up for what they believe in, while you always hide behind anonymity?
    If you are so right, what are you so afraid of?

  2. John A. Davison Says:

    Why don’t you tell Trainor and me who you really are? Are you afraid to divulge your identity? So it seems to us. If you use your real name I might even let you speak on my blog, once I verify it of course!

  3. solenadon Says:

    According to my stats this post is the only one that was looked at in the past little while. That’s fine.

    I can also assume that the person looking at this is one of the two lame creationists above, and I would guess it’s the Associate Professor.

    If it is the Associate Professor, here’s a hint. This is a blog and not that pathetic thing that your call a blog. If you wish a conversation (fat chance there)…I have addressed your drivel in other posts. This thread is closing, as it should have a long time ago.

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