The Ass-ociate Professor speaks

Associate Professor John A. Davison chose to post a comment to my humble blog, and it amply demonstrates why I cannot take him seriously.

Since you refuse to identify yourself, please don’t expect me to honor you with a reply to your mindless drivel. I am always happy to engage a named opponent. The ones whose Identity I know refuse to deal with me and my sources because they are terrified of us. That includes Paul Zachary Myers, Clinton Richard Dawkins and Wesley Royce Elsberry, Darwinian zealots all. You don’t matter at all because you are a coward who can’t even sign his words with his given name.

Got that! Write that down

Associate Professor Davison looks for any exuse to avoid a civil discussion.  Here he fastens on my supposed refusal to identify myself.   It amazes me that he even bothers to be online, what with people using pseudonyms left, right and centre.  There is nothing wrong with it.  But Davison looks for any excuse to avoid confontation.  This coming from a man who inflates his university degreees in an attempt to give himself authority he doesn’t deserve.

Oh, and by the way Associate Professor Davison those people you mention are not afraid of you.  You’re to pathetic to be afraid of.  They don’t want to have any discussion with you because you refuse to have said discussion without reverting to insults, evasions and general abuse.

As for cowardice…Associate Professor Davison is known to ban people from his blogs when their questions are too much for him to handle.  He also hides out on a creationist message board whose administrator is more than happy to ban people who ask probing questions and who do not accept BS answers.  Cowardice is Associate Professor Davison’s middle name.


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