Somehow…not surprising

Creationists love to assert that the Theory of evolution is the corrupt basis for all the ills that they percieve.  They also claim that their creationist fantasy is much better, due to the “fact” it’s biblically based.  And from there it enters into the basic creationist loop…bible good because it’s “God’s” word…and it’s “God’s” word because the bible claims it is.

Which make this link endlessly amusing.

Cosmic Log – Is the Bible full of ‘forgeries’?.

I also find it amusing that evangelical scholars are not attacking him for his conclusions, they’re attacking him for how he says it.

Which in itself sums up certain creationists I’ve encountered.   They can’t effectively dispute arguments for evolution and against creationism…so they resort to the “how it’s said” trick.  For instance…it’s not said in a “civil” manner, so it will be ignored.


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