The unabashed chutzpah of Associate Professor Davison

Associate professor Davison is at it again.  As I posted in this blog, Davison asked after PZ Myers scientific papers.  After much work to get him and Terry Trainor to actually do the work themselves (this involved walking them through the easy to use google Scholar) I finally just posted the link to what they wanted.  At which point Terry Trainor proved his incompetence/dishonesty by claiming the link went to “hundreds of thousands” of links (it only went to 11200).  When I didn’t fall for this, he attempted to move the goalposts.

Now, Davison is claiming that PZ Myers papers are “hidden“, even after I presented them to Trainor and Davison on a silver platter.  Creationist deception and delusion knows no bounds, I guess.


Anyway, I posted a response to this latest bit of dishonesty from the associate professor.  However, Davison has a habit of deleting comments he doesn’t like…so here’s the screen cap…




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