Fluffers du jour

Looks like Terry Trainor showed up on Associate Professor Davison’s “blog” to give him some fluffing.  Davison stated…

“To establish the kind of sonofabitch I am prepared to be, I will accept no more comments on this blog from any source unless that source can assure me that they have purchased my book. …”

To which Trainor Fluffed…

“Prof. Davison, I am proud to be in such elite company.
I do wish it were not so rarified, however. … ”

Ironic really, since three days ago, Trainor stated on lulu
“… I do not even have a copy of it in my hands yet. ”

Must be nice, to get an exception from a crank.

Here’s a cap of my response.  I don’t expect the coward to let it though.


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