Tilting at windmills again

It would appear that Associate Professor Davison may be stalking another innocent victim.  He’s claiming he’s being “plagued” by one Stuart Campbell who, according to Davison, merely wants to debate him.

Now, if Mr. Campbell is at all familiar with Davison, he should know he doesn’t debate.  He abuses, he dissembles, he whines, he affects a martyr pose.  He doesn’t debate.  This is on top of the fact he has nothing to debate about.

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Now he claims that Mr. Campbell is “begging me to stop including him in my emails to the “Big 4 of Darwinian mysticism.”.  I find this interesting.  Since we have no idea what Mr. Campbell has actually said (since Davison likes to hide any opposition who posts, hiding behind rather bogus “rules”), I doubt Mr. Campbell actually contacted Davison at all.  Considering Davison’s history, it’s more likely that he started stalking another innocent victim in an attempt at relevency/ego stroking.

Having read some of Mr. Campbell’s entries on line, I doubt that, had he initiated the discussion, he wouldn’t be backing down in the manner Davison is implying.

On a lighter note, Davison offers up a “quote” from Harry Truman, leaving the first bit blank.  I’ll just finish it for him…

“John Davison is a living miracle with neither brains nor guts.”


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