In which Associate Professor Davison becomes a stalker

Apparently the associate professor is not content to stalk actual scientists.  He’s taken to stalking a Cornell University Ph. D. student.  Why, one may ask?  Well, the ASSociate Professor claims Stuart Campbell  “wanted to debate me”.  However, there is a distinct lack of proof that this student would want anything to do with the ASSociate Professor.  More likely, the ASSociate professor got bored and proceeded to inflict unwanted attention on an innocent student who…well…who knows how Davison’s mind works.

Aside from dishonestly avoiding evidence presented to his face that is (PZ Myers has more publications than the ASSociate professor).

And now he’s given this Ph. D. student an “Ultimatum”…

“…I gave Stuart Campbell one week to produce others willing to join him in denouncing our science. He has produced not a single ally.”

I daresay this student has more, and better, things to do than stroke the ASSociate professors ego.  That’s a job better left to his fluffer, Trainor.

I, however, am proud to stand with Ph. D. student Stuart Campbell.  A link to this post will be posted to Davison’s, heh, blog.  However, I doubt it will stay.  Davison is much to wrapped up in his martyr complex to allow it to.



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