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That gentle respectful right

Posted in Venomous mammals, Watching the elephant, Wingnuts on February 13, 2012 by solenadon

Andy Breitbart, patron of James “porn boat” O’Keefe and chief propagandist behind the Big web sites, decides to respectfully voice his objection to the Occupy movement…


Right wing idiocy

Posted in Venomous mammals, Watching the elephant, Wingnuts on February 6, 2012 by solenadon

The whole Koman kerfuffle provide me with much mirth.  Radical right wingers somehow got Koman to defund Planned Parenthood using a bogus rule mandating that if an organization is “under ivestigation”, “NO MONEY FOR YOU”.  However, Penn state, under it’s own investigation, keep rolling in the Koman dough.

Now the Radical Right is complaining that people are using their market ability to no longer support Koman.  They’re pulling money out and will no longer support Koman.  Which is their right, and if the Radical Right didn’t have their heads in their asses, they’d know that.

Two of these radicals are Mark Steyn, Canadian Rush Limbaugh substitute, and Kathryn Jean Lopez, another Canadian Shrieker.  They’re up in arms about people exercsing they rights.  And  Tbogg has an appropriate response

“Having excluded facts, reality, honesty, and critical thought, what has Steyn & K-Lo butthurt is the reaction to Planned Parenthood’s announcement that the Komen Foundation was defunding them (so therefore they had created a webpage devoted to raising money to continue breast cancer screening for poor women to make up for the shortfall) and so they are blaming PP for unleashing the Crazy Health Lady Krakens on Komen’s ass. These jackbooted stormtroopers, by voting with their wallets (by personally defunding SGK) and with their feet (by vowing to never participate in another SGK Warm & Fuzzy PinkWalk for The Merchandising) are stomping all over the Komen Foundation’s freedom … to make a buck. This is fascism/totalitarianism/censorship/blasphemy (K-Lo only). How dare they not give money to the Komen Foundation to do with how they please! What makes these contributors think that they should have a say in how it is spent? Sure allowing an unelected controlling authority make decisions about how to spend other people’s money for the good of all is socialism, but it’s the good corporate don’t-worry-your-pretty-little-head socialism tied up with a nice pink bow…”