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When Stupid people say stupid things…

Posted in Venomous mammals, Watching the elephant, Wingnuts on January 11, 2013 by solenadon

One Mr. Larry Ward states that If blacks had guns, they would have not been slaves.

This ignores the entire history of the slave trade.

It also willfully ignores that fact that blacks did not have handy access to these guns.  Kidnapped onto ships, chained on the voyage, then auctioned off, they had no opportunity to get guns.  Even if the law allowed them to own guns.  Laws in slave states tended to deny black slaves access to guns.

And when blacks did rise up, using guns, as spoken of here

they always failed. And the white slave holder, with the law of the day on their side, tended to execute/beat-to-death blacks partaking in these uprisings rather than applaud the blacks desire to be free.

People Like Larry Ward, with their willful ignorance of history and reality, do nothing to help solve the problem of gun proliferation.