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Ah, that tolerant Right…

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Man set on fire in alleged racial attack – British Columbia – CBC News.


Conservative war fantasies

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Please torture our enemies more – Canadian Conservatives.

At this link a CONservative nutbar, one Craig Smith, lets loose with what appears to be the conservative outlook on war enemies…

“I implore our government to begin torturing our enemy captives. “

Interesting start.  From there it devolves into a short list of fantasy tortures like knee-capping, denailing and rats (I’m assuming he’s offering himself for that last torture).

Endig with…

Liberals will argue that torture techniques do not result in usable data. I don’t care. Torture as a matter of principle.”

Torture as a matter of principle?  He doesn’t care that no useful data is recovered.  He just wants pain inflicted.  Regardless of the fact that the same would probably be done to OUR TROOPS once we start going down this path.  And despite the fact that torture is illegal under international law.

In other words, a Law and Order CON wants to blatently break the law.  Why am I not surprised.

And what happens when Mr. Torture decides that this should be done to Canadian prisoners?

The more frightening thing is that one of his fellow CONs thinks this is just hoopy.  One Bob Devine opines:

I think you have hit on a real plan here. This could work better than take no prisoners. Catch them and torture them. Don`t even ask them any questions You wouldn`t be able to trust the answers anyway. I think this could turn into a fine deterrent for our side. “

This is why CONs should never be let out of the kindergarten…

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I wonder if his brake lines were cut?

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via Liberal vandalism targeting Conservatives in Cambridge.

Nice to know the E-Jankulator’s Sherlock Holmes hat isn’t squeezing hisbrains unduly.  After all, he claims to know how to use google Earth.

Were any brake lines cut?  You know, like what happened to Liberal supporters?

How do we know some Conservative operative didn’t rip up these signs in an attempt to claim victimhood?

Ohhhh..our signs have been ripped up.  Look at us, we’re just like those “Lieberal” people who claim to have been targetted.

Election-related vandalism continues in Ontario

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via Election-related vandalism continues in Ontario.

It seems that election time vandalism in continuing in Southern Ontario.  More houses defaced, more cars keyed and brake lines cut.  And the majority of these appear to be Liberal supporters around the Toronto area.

Now we know that Conservatives are supposedly law and order types.  One in particular, Steve Janke (E-Jankulator to some of us) is usually on the case…when he can bad mouth Garth Turner or spin conspiracy theories of how Conservatives supporters are targeted.

For something this big I was sure he’d put on his Sherlocke Holmes hat and be on the case.  After all, when Garth Turner’s signs got knocked down, he had his little minion out taking measurements of the sign hole depths.  Unfortunately, this just isn’t so.

Why is another provinces’ MP mailing me

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In mid July I recieved a Frank mailing from Brian Fitzpatrick.  And this past week I recieved one from David Anderson

Which is strange because my MP is Rod Bruinooge

I wondered, why are these Saskatchewan MP’s sending me frank mailings…mailing that look quite a bit like election propaganda.

Turns out I’m not alone.  Other Canadian’s are recieving these. 

I wondered why MP’s other than my own were sending out these mailings.  These mailings seem to be geared to push fear buttons, especially on crime and drugs.  No actual information is given, just an attempt to push buttons.

This is somethign that offends me.  These MP’s do not represent me.  Why are they sending me mail?  Why are they wasting Canadian taxpayer money to push a partisan position?

It seems that Stephen Harper is taking a page from the Republican play book…push fear of crime despite the fact that crime in Canada has been decreasing…which is ironic considering their in-and-out scheme.