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Christians and their arguments

Posted in Religion, Venomous mammals, Watching the elephant, Wingnuts on July 2, 2012 by solenadon

Extremist Christians never got over Obama winning in 2008.

And they really don’t like those who don’t follow their extremist views.

Which is why Bryan Fischer is so amusing.

The Devil must be really busy, “leading” all those Liberals astray.

However, according to Christian doctine, all things are from their deity.  And since there are so many more Liberals than there are Theocrats of Fischers faction, perhaps it’s Fischer that is being lead astray.


2 steps forward, 5 steps back

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The two steps forward are..

1) John A Davison died. Yup, he’s gone. Over the last few years he has been the lead crank that I followed.
While others have been kind (i.e. PZ Myers), remembering that he supposedly had a mental break in the ’80s with the death of a family member, my experience with him has been uniformly negative. As such, my inclination is less than forgiving. He was a nutter. When given the evidence that he asked for he attacked the one giving the it; he attacked anyone who didn’t accept his delusions as given fact. As such, I am not sad that he’s gone. His family has my sympathy, marginally…as it seems they didn’t get him the help he so desperately needed. They lost someone they loved. But for him, nothing.

2) Davison’s fluffer, Terry Trainor, apparently forgot to pay the bills on Yup…it’s gone. Either he realised it was a self-masturbatory site and so not relevant or it’s raison d’etre died (only Terry and Davison seemed to post). In any case, c’est la vie.

Two less sources of stupidity online.

However, as if to make up for this, we have…the state of Louisiana. Yup, Louisiana. Apparently they felt the level of stupidity in reality was getting dangerously low, so they decided to step up.


Louisiana took the world 5 steps back from reality.

Religious nutbars are dragging thsis world down.

The gentle Christians

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How is it the “Good book”?

The poor oppressed Christians

Posted in Religion, Wingnuts on May 30, 2012 by solenadon

Here’s some fine Christian charity…

Tell me again, how are they oppressed?

To those believing in an Interventionist deity

Posted in Religion on March 1, 2012 by solenadon

A post from 2007 in another blog states my feelings better than I can.

Wasn’t there something in the bible about giving away wealth?

Posted in Religion, Venomous mammals, Wingnuts on January 29, 2012 by solenadon

I’m definetly in the wrong business…

Best Paid Pastors Make Hundreds Of Thousands To Millions Of Dollars Annually.

Get up in front of people on TV, talk some BS, make a show of praying to a voice in my head.   Rake in the cash.

Yup, I took the wrong career path.