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2 steps forward, 5 steps back

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The two steps forward are..

1) John A Davison died. Yup, he’s gone. Over the last few years he has been the lead crank that I followed.
While others have been kind (i.e. PZ Myers), remembering that he supposedly had a mental break in the ’80s with the death of a family member, my experience with him has been uniformly negative. As such, my inclination is less than forgiving. He was a nutter. When given the evidence that he asked for he attacked the one giving the it; he attacked anyone who didn’t accept his delusions as given fact. As such, I am not sad that he’s gone. His family has my sympathy, marginally…as it seems they didn’t get him the help he so desperately needed. They lost someone they loved. But for him, nothing.

2) Davison’s fluffer, Terry Trainor, apparently forgot to pay the bills on Yup…it’s gone. Either he realised it was a self-masturbatory site and so not relevant or it’s raison d’etre died (only Terry and Davison seemed to post). In any case, c’est la vie.

Two less sources of stupidity online.

However, as if to make up for this, we have…the state of Louisiana. Yup, Louisiana. Apparently they felt the level of stupidity in reality was getting dangerously low, so they decided to step up.


Louisiana took the world 5 steps back from reality.

Religious nutbars are dragging thsis world down.


In which Associate Professor Davison becomes a stalker

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Apparently the associate professor is not content to stalk actual scientists.  He’s taken to stalking a Cornell University Ph. D. student.  Why, one may ask?  Well, the ASSociate Professor claims Stuart Campbell  “wanted to debate me”.  However, there is a distinct lack of proof that this student would want anything to do with the ASSociate Professor.  More likely, the ASSociate professor got bored and proceeded to inflict unwanted attention on an innocent student who…well…who knows how Davison’s mind works.

Aside from dishonestly avoiding evidence presented to his face that is (PZ Myers has more publications than the ASSociate professor).

And now he’s given this Ph. D. student an “Ultimatum”…

“…I gave Stuart Campbell one week to produce others willing to join him in denouncing our science. He has produced not a single ally.”

I daresay this student has more, and better, things to do than stroke the ASSociate professors ego.  That’s a job better left to his fluffer, Trainor.

I, however, am proud to stand with Ph. D. student Stuart Campbell.  A link to this post will be posted to Davison’s, heh, blog.  However, I doubt it will stay.  Davison is much to wrapped up in his martyr complex to allow it to.


A stunningly accurate description of creationists

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among others.  The following line appears particularly accurate

“The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to recognize their mistakes.[1] The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, …”

I finally have an accurate description of how creationists operate.

Dunning–Kruger effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Delusions of importance

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It would appear that Terry Trainor and Associate Professor Davison just cannot leave enough alone.  Now they’ve decided to comment here.  Davison still harping about anonymity and Trainor accusing me of running away after he supposedly posted “evidence” of a previous identity.

First things first… Davison must apologise  to PZ Myers.  Associate Professor Davison claimed that he could not find peer reviewed papers authored by Professor Myers, mainly because he did absolutly no research and came up with zip.  It has now been shown that Professor Myers had indeed published, with more papers published than one Associate Professor Davison.  Once he apologises, then we can move on. 

Well, as much as Associate Professor Davison is capable of moving on…

Secondly…Terry Trainor’s delusions of adequacy.  He’s trying to claim that I “ran away” when he “posted evidence” that I used another identity on his board.  Unfortunately, he too is someone who does no research.  What he claims as “running away” is merely a posting style.  Indeed, in the thread that started all this I once disappeared for over a year.  And anyone following this blog can see that there is little consistency to my posting habits.

I’m sure Terry Trainor believes he has something.  He may even be correct, for all I know.  However, since he has proved himself to be untrustworthy in anything resembling a debate (witness his blatent goalpost moving when I showed proof of Professor Myers publications, screenshots available in previous posts in this blog) he will be allowed to wallow in his cesspool unmolested.

He will, of course, claim victory.  I may as well let him have that.  Someone so lacking in honesty and honour needs something…

The trouble with Creationists —again

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That’s all I can say.  Pure, unadulterated laziness.  I provided a link to Google Scholar for PZ Myers papers (comes out to 11,400 hits).  His claim…he say “hundreds of thousands” of hits.  This tells me he didn’t click the link (or is out and out lying to cover his ass).

He also harps on “anonymity”.  Considering he has a board administrator “Cherokee Chick”, his harping on anonymity rings hollow.  It appears to be an excuse to avoid viewing the evidence.

And Terry Trainor is apparently a preacher.  If he is a preacher, apparently his holy book means very little to him, especially the commandment against lying and false witness.

The trouble with Creationists – part 3

Posted in Creationism, Terry Trainor on February 13, 2011 by solenadon

I gave up trying to get Terry Trainor to do some actual work.  I finally gave a link to google scholar and the PZ Myers papers.  After a while the spinning Trainor was doing to avoid actually looking was just getting tiring. 

It’s a rare sight to see someone work so hard to avoid doing something so simple.

Something tells me Terry Trainor will deep six the post and ban me.   After all,  his main claim to fame is the fantasy that scientists are incompetent.  To show otherwise would humiliate him.  Since creationists don’t like to be shown to be wrong, he will have to do that other great creationist attribute…hiding the evidence.